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Modified Planche Pushup on Rings

  • Get into a pushup position on rings. Elevate your feet on a bench or box, if you need to (note: this makes the exercise more difficult).
  • Firmly press into the rings to maintain an active shoulder, squeeze your glutes, brace your abs, and generate full body tension from head to toe.
  • Keeping your upper back tight, and your shoulder blades pulled back, begin to perform the descent of a pushup.
  • As you descend, turn your thumbs out so that your palms start to face forward, and bring your hands back towards your hips. Your shoulders should be in front of your hands at the bottom.
  • Only turn your thumbs out as far as you can while maintaining stability, the same goes for how far you bring your hands back towards your hips.
  • This is a very difficult movement, so do not get frustrated if you can only turn your hands out a little bit while moving them back a couple of inches to start. You will adapt and get better quickly.
  • Once you descend as far as you can while keeping good shoulder position and stability, press your self back up and bring your hands back underneath your shoulders.
  • Make sure you have full body tension, and start the next rep.

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