Alphabet w/ Ankles

Ankle Mobility Wall Drill

KB Halo/Around the World

Scapular Wall Slide


Arm Circles Backward

Arm Circles Forward

Backward Shoulder Roll

Forward Shoulder Roll

Neck Rotation (Yes)

Neck Rotation (No)

Downward Dog/ Pumping Prone Cobra

Glute Bridge Iso Hold

Side Plank/Clam Combo

Downward Dog/Pumping Calf Stretch

Warrior Pose/Overhead Lunge

Upper Body Clam Shell/T-Spine Opener

3 Point Front Lunge Stretch

Hill Sprint Warm-Up Sequence

Scap Shoulder Circles

Back of Hands Kneeling Push-Up

Deep Belly Breathing w/ Cross Crawls. AKA Dead Bug Position

Forward Flexion

Half Kneeling With Twist

Hammer Grip Band Face Pull

Happy Baby With Sawing

Kneeling Knee Lift

Prone Neck Periscope Drill

Slow Basic Crawl Progression

Slow Curl Up

Sphinx 4 Position Reach Drill

Sphinx Drill

Supinated Band External Rotation

Supinated Band Pull Apart At Chest Height

Up Dog

Divebomber Pushup

  • Start in a regular pushup position, and then walk your hands and feet close together, so that your butt sticks up in the air, and your body looks like a pyramid.
  • Brace your abs, flatten your back, and firmly press your hands and feet into the ground.
  • Maintaining this fully body tension, begin to do a push up by bringing your head towards the ground and keeping your butt in the air.
  • Bring your head in between your hands, let your butt come towards the ground, and press yourself forward, so that your hips come towards your hands.
  • Finish the movement in a position where your arms are locked, your chest is up, and your legs are in a straight line, parallel to the ground. You should look like cobra.
  • Press yourself back to the starting position where you butt is in the air and begin the movement again.