Sawing 1 Arm DB Row

Dead Stop 1 Arm DB Row

High Incline 1 Arm DB Row

Hammer Grip Band Face Pull

Decline Ring Face Pull

  • Set up a set of rings as if you were going to do an inverted row.
  • Elevate your feet on a box so that your feet are 6in.-12in. above your hands, and grab the rings with your palms facing your feet.
  • Squeeze your glutes, brace your abs, and generate tightness throughout your entire upper back by pulling your shoulder blades back and together.
  • Initiate the movement by driving your elbows towards the ground, and pull your face towards the rings.
  • Squeeze your upper back for one to two seconds at the top, and lower yourself to the starting position.

Ring Face Pull

1 Arm DB Row

1 Arm Pronated Barbell Row

Chest Supported Row- Pronated

Inverted Barbell Row

Inverted Ring Row- Neutral

Chest Supported Row- Neutral

Inverted Ring Row- Supinated

Inverted Rope Row

Inverted Ring Row- Pronated