Increase Your Energy, Boost Your Testosterone, and Double Your Gains in the Next 30 Days

If you’re a skinny hardgainer, a hard charging Type A personality, and/or over 35 years old I’ve got some news for ya.

The traditional approach to strength training absolutely WILL NOT work for you. I should know. That’s me and that’s how I tried to train for years. And I did it with dozens of personal training clients.

After thousands of hours of research and trial and error, I finally discovered what REALLY works for guys like us.

And it’s definitely not anything remotely like Crossfit or what you’d see in bodybuilding mags.

Do you want to trade in soft and weak for dense and strong?

Do you want to break through plateaus that are holding you back?

Do you want to build size and strength at the same time without getting injured?

Jason Ferruggia,
Creator of Renegade Strength Club

If so, this is the most important letter you’re going to read for a long time…

What’s going on?

I’m Jason Ferruggia and I’m a consultant and coach to professional athletes, Hollywood entertainers, law enforcement, and military personnel.

I help busy guys get strong, lean, and ripped without wrecking their joints and without steroids.

The best part is, it takes less than 3 hours per week and you don’t need fancy equipment.

People say I’m one of the world’s leading fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle experts because I’ve helped more than 200,000 men and women make life-changing transformations since 1994.

Today I want to help you do the same!

Just like you, my clients tried everything under the sun and were ready to give up until I showed them the insider secrets I’m about to share with you.

Find Out How Guys Over 35 Are Reversing The Aging Process And Looking Better As They Get Older

For the first 20 years of my life, I was frail and weak.

I’m what they call a “genetic misfit” when it comes to building muscle, so I had to learn the hard way.

I spent three decades trying every training system and diet imaginable.

I took what worked and threw away what didn’t.

Now I have a battle-tested method of training and eating that works way, way better.

It’s resulted in countless incredible transformations and features in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, ESPN and CBS.

For the first 20 years of my life I was a genetic misfit

You don’t get named one of the “Top 30 Health Influencers in the World,” without having a few tricks up your sleeve.

What you’ll hear about today is an all encompassing approach to training and lifestyle, guaranteed to build size and strength without common injuries, burnout, and plateaus.

I tested it on thousands of trainees, both at my private gym and online and I’m confident this will help you too.

How great would it be to:

  • Lean out and carry less extra weight that causes joint-stress and pain
  • Be a role model for your kids and be able to play with them longer
  • Naturally, boost testosterone, be more confident, and have better sex
  • Go on fun adventures like mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing
  • Fight genetics and slow down the aging process to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life
  • Improve your mood by keeping your energy and metabolism peaked throughout the day
  • Enjoy the stress relieving and mind cleaning health benefits from proper strength training

Unfortunately, most guys never experience these because the workouts you see online, in magazines, and on TV aren’t for you.

Genetically blessed dudes who take steroids and other performance enhancing drugs created them.

As a genetically average guy these workouts will keep you soft and weak, wreck your joints, and crush your nervous and immune system.

Don’t worry, you can still build a powerful, healthy, and shredded body.

You just need to be smarter and train better.

It all starts with cutting through the BS that’s holding you back.

The 5 LIES Keeping Men Weak, Soft, And
Battling Nagging Injuries Forever

1 Go Heavy Or Go Home

Nagging injuries like shoulder pain, cranky elbows, achy knees, and nagging low back cramping suck.

Always going ultra heavy with low reps and bad form on deadlifts, back squats, and bench presses isn’t helping. In fact, you’re making it worse!

A lot of guys make decent progress, but then they get injured, can’t train, and end up right back at square one with a new injury.


If you want to transform your body completely, you have to get strong. But not the way most programs advise you to.

The only thing you’ll get from that is a laundry list of nagging injuries, a skinny-fat physique, a crushed ego, and a close relationship with your surgeon.

In a second I’ll introduce you to Strategic Durability Training which will get you results without wasting all the years, pain, and money that I did.

2 Age Is Holding You Back

Most guys accept their fate as an older beat-up lifter who will never feel safe again because of their age.

They sit on the couch reminiscing about the “glory days” of high school football and their best bench press.

I’m in my 40’s and I’ve never felt or looked better so I hope you’re not settling for the lazy couch potato dad bod.


With age, your metabolism slows down which can wreck your physique, but you can prevent this by taking action to raise it back up.

You just have you train smarter and you can still add muscle, boost your sex-drive, and slow down the aging process.

You’ll learn how to train smart, feed your body with the right foods, get adequate sleep, work out SMART, and control your stress.

3 No Pain No Gain

Getting jacked and lean should NOT hurt.

If you’re not training the right away, you’re going to get injured which will prevent you from working out so you’re going to lose your hard earned muscle.

Smart training is all about proper exercise selection, sequencing, technique, and making sure you leave a few reps “in the tank” by avoiding complete failure both.


When you train this way, you’ll recover faster, get better results, and reduce the chance of getting injured.

The Renegade way is joint-friendly, so it doesn’t wreck your body like most of the other training programs.

4 You Must Live Like A Bodybuilder

I’m sure you hate spending hours in the gym every day to hammer a single body part, right?

It sucks, it’s restrictive, and you’ll never be able to stick to working out and eating like that for the rest of your life.


No motivation or a training partner will keep you accountable to a brutally boring workout plan or diet.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see I don’t kill myself in the gym anymore.

Instead, I eat epic meals, my workouts only take me 30-45 minutes, and I walk out of the gym feeling great.

I’m going to teach you to do the same.

5 You Need More Time To Workout

Most exercise programs have you spending way too much time in the gym.

Warm ups that take forever, the wrong exercise order that makes you feel worse, and terrible exercise selection.

When you’re busy working long days, the gym can feel like a chore and a huge sacrifice.

No wonder why so many guys want to quit.


You only need to workout 3x per week for ~30-45 minutes.

Which means most guys need to spend LESS time in the gym.

Getting ripped isn’t that hard, and you don’t need a gym membership or loads of time to do it.

It should be a simple lifestyle you can adhere to forever

Short high-intensity workouts (like you’ll find in Renegade Strength Club) flood your body with natural testosterone, increase your energy, boost self-confidence, and build a head turning physique

Quick Recap

  • Avoid the critical mistake of lifting too heavy and hurting yourself. Use joint friendly strength building exercises at the perfect time in your workouts to strip away fat, build solid muscle, and completely transform your body.
  • Feed your body with quality nutrition, get enough rest, and work out the right way to slow down the aging process. Turn back the clock and kick start your metabolism instead of letting it slow down like everyone around you.
  • STOP trying to kill yourself in the gym. Leave a few reps in the tank at the end of your sets and you’ll progress leaps and bounds without the unnecessary stress.
  • Don’t follow a traditional bodybuilding lifestyle. Being healthy is so much more enjoyable when you have the freedom to enjoy your life, which I will show you how.
  • Keep your workouts SHORT to flood your body with natural testosterone, increase energy, boost self-confidence, and build an injury-free head turning physique.

Most people get lucky and figure things out but it took 3 decades of experimenting with EVERYTHING under the sun, countless hours, injuries, self-administered tests, and long shots…

The result has been thousands of transformations with clients all over the world and is the secret sauce that makes these workouts incredibly effective.


Strategic Durability Training

This is how my clients can build muscle and strength faster and safer than ever, instead of fighting through extreme and painful workouts.

Guys who had to abandon compound exercises years ago are FINALLY able to do them again without pain!

Most programs have you do big compound movements for low reps first in your workout, but these exercises are safer when you’re warmed up, have a pump, and your nervous system is fired up.

After using Strategic Durability Training during your workouts, you’ll feel a huge difference.

Here’s a sneak peek at how we do it:

Phase 1

Start with the RIGHT kind of warm up that pumps the muscles full of blood and growth promoting nutrients. This will make everything you do safer.

Phase 2

Do an explosive exercise (usually a jump or throw) to fire up the central nervous system.

Phase 3

Add a joint-friendly bodyweight or dumbbell exercise to flood the muscles with blood and lubricate the joints without a lot of stress.

Phase 4

Now use heavier dumbbell or kettlebell based movements like deadlifts, squats, and presses in a very precise manner… to maximize both gains and safety.

Phase 5

Finish with a “resilient” exercise to strengthen your tendons and ligaments, improve your longevity, and bulletproof you against injury.

This is one of the secrets tools I use for my clients.

You’ll be blown away by how much better you feel leaving the gym when you workout like this.

I want to introduce you something that is going to completely transform the way you look at working out…

Nothing says “I’m am strong, confident, and capable of taking care of my family and protecting what’s mine” like…

Proud posture, defined arms, broad shoulders, a well-developed chest, meaty traps, a chiseled back, tapered lats, powerful legs, and a tight waist with low body fat.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Cutting Edge Weekly Workouts
  • Minimal Equipment Required
  • HD Instructional Training Videos
  • Exclusive Members-ONLY Community
  • Holistic And Lifestyle-Friendly Approach
  • Easy to Follow, Non Restrictive Meal Plans
  • Lasting Friendships with Other “Renegades”
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Jay Ferruggia
  •  100% FREE TRIAL
  • Exclusive Community

Here’s Why Renegade Strength Club Weekly
Programming Works When Others Fail

There’s no magic pill for your transformation but there are shortcuts.

24/7 Access To Renegade Strength Club Community

Research shows that the biggest factor in making lasting changes is social support. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to interact with thousands of other like-minded members who are all there to support and motivate you.

Time Sensitive 30-Minute Workouts

Each week you’ll get brand new, short workouts that will get you amazing results in a fraction of the time.  They’ll kick your butt, melt away unwanted fat, build lean muscle, keep your body guessing, and make sure you never get bored.

No Gym Membership Required

No need to waste thousands of dollars on fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships. You can complete the workouts using a basic free weight set up at home and your own bodyweight. For best results you should have a barbell and weight set, dumbbells or kettlebells, and suspension straps.

Easy To Follow Nutrition Plans

Say goodbye to restrictive diets that are impossible to stick to. My Blue Zone “Anti-Bodybuilding” diet makes nutrition simple and easy to follow. Eat good tasting food that will fuel your body to grow muscle and burn fat without feeling deprived or weighing an ounce of food.

Members-ONLY Community & Leaderboard Tracker

Exclusive access to a private community filled with some of the fittest and most successful people in the world. Get expert advice, motivation, and accountability while testing yourself on our Leaderboards and see where you matching up with thousands around the world.

Holistic And Lifestyle-Friendly Approach

Not only do these workouts help you look and feel great, but they improve your mind, body, and spirit.  You’ll love the change when you break free from energy and time sucking distractions.

Private Training Videos

Access specialty training videos for the proper exercise form in your workouts. Never worry if you’re performing an exercise right again. Pull out your phone and take a look at the video library packed with high definition training videos.

Easy To Follow Meal Plans

If you’re worried about not knowing what to eat, these guides will fix it all. They tell you exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. This takes all the thought out of your diet, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

Delicious Muscle-Building + Fat-Burning Recipes

Healthy meals don’t have to taste like cardboard. Get my favorite personal recipes—from awesome steak dinners to the perfect post-workout drink. It’s easy to eat healthy when your meals taste this good.

  •  100% FREE TRIAL
  • Exclusive Community

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If you sign up today, you’ll get entered into our twice-a-year physique transformation contests and get a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to hang with me in Santa Monica, CA.

Previous winners called it “the best weekend of their lives.”

Here’s Why Am I Offering A
14-Day Free Trial

I want this to be a “no-brainer” for you.

Committing to something online is hard if you’ve been burned by “fitness guru’s” that didn’t deliver on their promise.

It’s weird to invest your hard earned money into something you think you can get for free on the internet but Renegade Strength Club is more than that, and I want to give everyone an opportunity to experience it for themselves.

On MY dime, free of charge.

This would have saved me a lot of headaches, years, money, and injuries. I’m offering you this free 14-day trial today, so I can blow you away with such an amazing experience, in hopes you want to continue being a Renegade Strength Club member after the trial is up.

If you don’t want to continue that’s ok

You can cancel anytime before the free 14-day trial is up it won’t even cost you a PENNY.

But, if you want to keep doing fun workouts, growing as a person, and getting amazing results, then you’ll get full access to EVERYTHING for only $19.95/month.

I see the free 14-day trial as my investment in you, your life, your results, and your future.

  •  100% FREE TRIAL
  • Exclusive Community

As much as I’d like to say this is for everyone, it’s not.

Yes, we’ve proven time and time again that people of all ages, gender, and backgrounds can get results with this.. but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

Renegade Strength Club is NOT for guys who:

  • Will not take responsibility for their health
  • Want to spend hours in the gym and like being hurt
  • Aren’t willing to commit to 3 short 30 minute workouts per week
  • Are looking for a quick-fix pill or the easy way out with ZERO effort
  • Refuse to drop old habits that are leaving you tired, beat up, and injured
  • Won’t follow simple guidelines that boost recovery, increase results, and improve health

Renegade Strength Club is for guys who:

  • Have thin joints and are sick of being injured
  • Want to get stronger, leaner, and more athletic
  • Don’t have hours of free time to spend in the gym
  • Don’t have access to a fancy gym and limitless equipment
  • Have poor genetics for losing body fat and building muscle
  • Ready to optimize your health, metabolism, energy and sex drive
  • Are sick of wasting time, program-hopping, and making little progress
  • Need help to get ripped in just 30 minutes a day with a simple home gym
  • Recognize and understand the importance of expert coaching and accountability
  • Don’t want to dedicate 23 years of your life of trial and error to learn what’s inside
  • Are ready to be strong, healthy, and injury-free. (Men over 35 thrive on this program.)

If that’s you, you owe it to yourself to start your FREE 14-Day Trial.

What do you have to lose besides your excuses?

  •  100% FREE TRIAL
  • Exclusive Community

30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s…

This Program Works Regardless Of Your Age

If you’re 100% happy and certain there’s nothing you can do to improve, this isn’t for you.

Then the only reason to join Renegade Strength Club would be for an excellent environment and to help and support others towards their goals.

If you don’t fall into that category, the last thing I want you to do is to skip this opportunity.

You can be the guy who transforms his life, flows with charisma, and turns heads when he walks down the street with confidence.

Or the other guy who lives in his glory days or what he USED to look and feel like when he was young.

The Renegade Strength Club Community will work for you even if:

  • You need to shed pounds of unwanted fat
  • You feel like you’re too old to get into great shape
  • You don’t have much time to spend in the gym

Where Will You Be 30 Days From Now?

Will you be frustrated your body hasn’t changed or will you be stronger, jacked, lean and flooded with new energy?

Will you be wasting hours in the gym with long boring workouts or will you be in and out with short effective workouts with time to spare and have fun with your friends and family?

Still Got Questions? Cool...We’ve Got Answers

If you don’t want to continue just cancel before the free 14-day trial is up it won’t cost you anything.

If you want to keep getting our fun and effective workouts, growing as a person, and getting amazing results, then you’ll get full access to EVERYTHING for only $19.95/month.

You’ll get instant access to the absolute BEST we have to offer:

  • Professionally designed training programs you can do in 30 minutes or less that are made to suit your skill level, schedule, and available equipment.
  • A cutting-edge nutrition plan that will build muscle, burn fat and boost your energy and testosterone levels.
  • Expert coaching from renowned fitness coach, Jason Ferruggia.
  • Exclusive videos of each exercise in your workouts so you can master your technique for the fastest results (Plus, you can upload a video and have us personally critique your exercise form).
  • The Renegade Strength Club support community. This is where you can ask all your questions and engage with other members who are all on your side in your quest to get jacked and strong.
  • Free entry into our monthly contest plus our Transformation Contest ($5000 value prize).
  • In short, you are getting everything you need to transform your body and life for the better.

Each week you’ll have 3 mandatory strength workouts plus 1 more optional workout (do it if you’re feeling fresh, skip it if you need a little more time to recover). Each strength workout lasts about 30 minutes.

You’ll also get 1-2 conditioning workouts each week, which are 15-30 minutes each.

Not at all. The Strong & Shred Challenge is designed to be accessible to everyone. All you need is access to suspension straps, dumbbells, and a few kettlebells with the occasional odd object like a sandbag thrown in.

If you have access to an Olympic barbell set and want to use barbell variations of the exercises that’s completely fine.

First of all, this program was created by true professionals. Jay has over 25 years of experience training some of the best athletes in the world. This program incorporates the best techniques from the training of elite athletes. It will transform the way you look and feel…FAST.

Second, this program is focused on keeping you healthy and injury-free. Yes, you want to look sexy and jacked. But you also want to be able to move well, be pain and injury free, and perform like an athlete at any age. The Strong & Shred Challenge is the ultimate system to get you there.

Finally, this program makes it as easy and convenient as possible to transform your body. Each workout is just 30 minutes and requires minimal equipment, so you can still workout even when you’re busy or traveling. You’ll have no excuse not to put in the work to get the body you’ve always wanted.

In short, the Strong & Shred Challenge is THE proven blueprint for a rapid transformation.

You’ll start with a dynamic warm-up and some mobility work.

The main workout will consist of 3-5 simple (yet brutally effective) exercises that change frequently to keep your workouts fresh. These can all be done with your own bodyweight and/or a few free weights.

Each workout is designed to:

  • Shred bodyfat and boost your conditioning
  • Build explosive strength with plyometric power training
  • Stimulate muscle growth through some moderately heavy bodybuilding-style sets
  • Improve stability & balance to help keep you healthy and injury-free.

Each workout is designed to get you jacked (instead of hurt). Guys who are injury-prone and/or over 35 really thrive on this programming.

Each program can be customized for your fitness level to suit everyone from beginners to highly advanced athletes.

It’s called the Strong & Shred Challenge for a reason: because you’ll experience life-changing results in the first 28 days. After that, you’ll continue to get new weekly workouts and support as a Renegade Strength Club member—and your results will continue to improve with each and every workout.

First, I’m legally obligated to tell you that the following results are not typical—because the typical person won’t put in the hard work to actually complete the workouts and follow the diet.

However, for the rest of you—the men who actually take action—here are the average results we see from those who put in the work and follow the entire program:

  • Gain an average of 13 lbs of muscle
  • Los an average of 16 lbs of fat
  • Set new personal records on nearly every exercise
  • Increase their testosterone levels naturally
  • Eliminate nagging aches, pains & injuries

Supplements are not required. However, we do make some recommendations about the best (and rarely heard of) supplements for those looking to maximizes their gains.

When it comes to taking action in life, remember this: don’t wait. The things you put off until tomorrow never end up happening. Life is all about what you do right now…so if you want to change your body and take control of your life, then you have to do it RIGHT NOW.

Just click the “Get Started” button below and enter your information. You’ll get instant access to the member’s area…which means you can be starting your first workout in the next 5 minutes.

A Strong & Shredded New You is Just a Click Away.

If that’s you, you owe it to yourself to start your FREE 14-Day Trial.

What do you have to lose besides your excuses?

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PS. If you skipped down here this is a very quick summary, but I highly suggest you take a look at some of the jaw dropping transformations on this page.

My name is Jay and I’m one of the world’s leading fitness, nutrition, & lifestyle experts.

I want to share my world renowned system called ‘Renegade Strength Club’ with you for FREE for 14 days.

The results are off the charts.

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